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आजकल लोग टीवी से ज्यादा OTT प्लेटफार्म देखना पसंद करते हैं। अगर आप भी Netflix के शौक़ीन हैं और सस्ते में नेटफ्लिक्स के सब्सक्रिप्शन का जुगाड़ करने की सोच रहे हैं तो देखें ये प्लान: ...
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Based on a real-life historic court case, a bold journalist questions a revered leader’s immoral behavior.
Rising Impact
When a third-grader's natural gift for golf is accidentally discovered by a pro player, the boy embarks on a journey to be the world's best golfer.
Gangs of Galicia
When her father's murder reveals a hidden double life, a lawyer seeks revenge by infiltrating a Galician drug cartel and becoming close to its leader.
Trigger Warning
A Special Forces commando uncovers a dangerous conspiracy when she returns to her hometown looking for answers into her beloved father's death.
A doctor scours his family's occult history for a way to prevent his fiancee's death, only to find secrets that link to a series of 19th-century murders.